WHO: the China-loving organization needs to be examined and purged from its political bias.

As soon as you prioritize politics at humanitarian organizations things go wrong. WHO has spearheaded international public health efforts, carried out successful campaigns to eradicate smallpox and reduce polio infections in recent decades. It is without a doubt a great humanitarian organization. However, health organizations should be concerned primarily with facts and science. Authoritarian governments are accustomed to work behind a veil of impunity with ample powers to shape and create their own version of facts and reality. China, familiar with such powers, exerts its influence on the WHO. How China has handpicked Dr. Tedros and place him at the helm of the organization is only the tip of the iceberg of a global influence strategy. The PRC enriches and empowers a handful of people in governments and international organizations, and in turn they zealously promote Chinese interests. The fanaticism was blatantly evident when WHO Senior Official Advisor, Bruce Aylward, awkwardly dodged questions about Taiwan’s membership and instead resorted to praise China. The bias towards China, is so obvious that a bipartisan US House Committee sent a formal letter to the WHO detailing the failings of Dr. Tedros handling of the pandemic as a result of his China favouritism. WHO's entire COVID-19 handling was disastrous and it continuous to be confusing. This is not due to a shortage of talented scientists, it has been disastrous because diseases and viruses have no borders, no nationalities, no political affiliations. WHO sought to balance its scientific responses and guidelines with Chinese interests. As it turns out, Taiwan had one of the best COVID19 responses so far precisely by casting a cloud of suspicion on the information and advice given by the China-pleasing WHO. There are no justifiable humanitarian reasons to exclude Taiwan from WHO. The Taiwanese society, people, medical structure and medical community are not subordinated or connected to China in any way. Leaving Taiwan out of the WHO is akin to a hospital closing the doors to a surgeon and leaving him outside during a snowstorm. Although the surgeon, unable to contribute with his skills, he manages to find a shelter and weather the storm out. But would he be so fortunate when the next pandemic hits?


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